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Data Management and Analysis
Here, you'll find links to the information and resources you need to make an informed Data Management and Analysis software selection:
From a business perspective, the role of data management and analysis is crucial. It is not only a resource for gathering new stores of static information; it is also a resource for acquiring knowledge and supporting the decisions companies need to make in all aspects of economic ventures, including mergers and acquisitions (M&As).

For organizational growth, all requirements and opportunities must be accurately communicated throughout the value chain. All users—from end users to data professionals—must have the most accurate data tools and systems in place to efficiently carry out their daily tasks. Data generation development, data quality, document and content management, and data security management are all examples of data-related functions that provide information in a logical and precise manner.
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Some of the specific data management challenges that most organizations face include
  • finding a way to communicate data throughout the value chain of the organization;
  • obtaining reliable data from within the system to make sound decisions;
  • leveraging data not only as an operational resource, but also as a business benefit;
  • ensuring consistency of data across the organization;
  • assuring data quality through proper integration of data elements;
  • maintaining high-level control over all data analysis, management, planning, and processes for business decision-making; and
  • controlling and implementing procedures for access control, security, and the ability to manipulate digital files, hard files, and other information.
Data needs to be managed correctly at every point, from source to target. Nowadays there are data management software tools that can support almost every facet of business processes, including product information management (PIM) systems, business intelligence (BI) and business performance management (BPM) systems, information security (IS) and enterprise content management (ECM) systems, and document management systems (DMSs).

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